As I add more pages, more links, more comments, more widgets, it becomes harder to find Stuff so I thought I’d put an index to the posts and pages here and update it each time something is added.

The headings don’t always give a clear indication of what the blog is about – sorry about that. Probably won’t change though…

It was suggested to me that it would be fantastic if we could find a rare bird that only lives in Laman Street but that ain’t going to happen.


(most recent first)

Some figs that have not fallen over

Some Sydney pics ; do these remind you of anywhere?

The Shame File

What will Laman Street look like without trees?

What’s the story behind save our figs?

You should nominate for the Design ‘Workshop’

Almost ten years of media reporting on being ‘beyond tree preservation’


(most recent first)

Pictures we could learn from

Swans and Budgets

Pictures of tree failures – not

Be careful what you wish for

Feedback from residents

Challenging stats

Correction on roots

The root of the problem

Caring for figs California-style – lessons to learn

A short version of Mr Marsden’s report on Laman Street

Random thoughts

Telling figs apart 2

Telling Newcastle figs apart

I love tree quotes

Fig Jam

Saving our Trees website

A short post

More opinionating about war memorials

An update on street trees

Idle thoughts for a beautiful autumn Saturday afternoon

We can’t see the trees for the (urban) forest

Try moving a Moving Memorial – others have tried and failed

Does this look like the work of a council committed to visionary park design?

Initial thoughts on last charette session

Read excerpts from 8 years of doom and gloom about trees

Now I’m back to complaining

Good news about Newcastle – see: I don’t just complain all the time

Radar expert reviews ground-penetrating radar report

Barcelona just as barbaric as Newcastle

GBG’s download on Radar for Root Mapping

Community Consultation…

Council to paint over graffiti art

Post-charette morning tea

Home-grown bats and council irony

Photo: Tyrrell St tree roots cut by council 2001

We were forewarned by chief arborist

History repeats itself

Bats in Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

Team Effort to Upload Radar Report

Chief arborist says ‘We have moved beyond Tree Preservation’

Picnic in the park

Charette should be fun

Questioning tree risk calculation

History council-style

Photos sent to me -Thanks!

Good News and Bad News

Still waiting to hear about the charade/charette

A town that wants to conserve its fig

Tree preservation in America

Tree maintenance – not: Newcastle history

A Saturday morning drive in Newcastle


Tree removed 2007 – potentially unstable

Back to the future: Tyrrell Street

Great shot of tree roots in trench on TV news

Let’s trench again

Mostly photos

Charette web site glitches

Honeysuckle vision vs as it is

Picnic in the Park

Dead wetland

Picnic at Civic Park

Lord Mayor creates a diversion

The Vision Thing for design workshop

Councillor claims six arborists have assessed Laman Street trees

Some previous tree battles in Newcastle

Quick look at pics of moving mature trees

Good news about fun Council meeting, not so good news about bats

Email sent to councillors about charette process

Laman Street to be discussed at 1st council meeting of the year:2/2/10

Ravenshaw Street update

Cool fig birds

Headline news: 1200 figs have not fallen over

Council update on Laman Street sneaks onto web page

What the people of Newcastle (and elsewhere) think about trees


Surrendering to litigation: the battle over the Laman Street Hills figs by Paul Hodge

Some questions for you

What is it about ‘independent experts ?’

Arnold Street choice of replacement trees

Radar report still pending

Not the shame file 2, just a sad story

A picnic in the park

A picnic in the park

Did you see The Herald on the first Wednesday in January?

Some links – related and unrelated

Anyone for an arborist’s report?

We need a Significant Tree Register

A perfect description of Laman Street by an arborist

A Gallic engineering approach to tree safety

Where did all the E’s go?

Risk management quotes

The Bogey Hole -Not a tree but another Newcastle icon

Anyone for a New Year’s Resolution

The Community Consultation Process

And so it begins

(Hyperlinks updated 5.4.2010 and 28.5.2010)

Rowlands Park seat







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