Quick look at pics of moving mature trees


Years ago I bought an extravagant book called something like  The Age of the Great American Garden. (See what a fun person I am.)

A translation of the title could be The American Garden in The Age When Rich People Were Not Just Rich But Unimaginably Rich. It had a fantastic picture in it of a large tree specialist nurseryman moving what looked like a fully grown oak tree on the back of a horse and cart. It was going to be transplanted somewhere like a Vanderbilt’s house.

Well… there are people who still do that today. I knew you could get a  mature tree but by that I thought was meant maybe five years old or so. I didn’t know you could get a  fully grown Moreton Bay Fig brought by truck from Queensland.

I found a web page with some examples of mature Hill’s figs (and they even have the apostrophe, bless their cotton socks – correction: no they don’t: wishful thinking and forgiving other treehuggers) and other lovely trees and a photo of a 280-tonne Moreton Bay fig on the back of the proverbial truck.

If our council in their wisdom want to remove our figs because they want to have an interrupted view of an example of Nuremberg-ish architecture the Cultural Centre , sorry: because they want to redevelop the Art Gallery, sorry: because they’re dangerous, then they should have to replace them with specimens like these. In fact, since they have had (bizarre) advice that many of the figs throughout Newcastle are dangerous they should be growing the specimens themselves as we speak. (I’m loving cliches today.)

Please take a nighttime walk under the figs in Laman Street and listen to the bats. My family and I went there last night and you could see the bats walking their way from branch to branch, eating figs, flying overhead – it’s fantastic. They sound as though they’re having a great time.

And before the bean counters and public liability-phobes have something to say: never pick up or touch a bat, no matter what is the matter with it and no matter how cute it looks..

If you need to help it you need to call an expert via the Native Animal Trust or WIRES equivalents: they will have had their lyssavirus shots and will be protected from the rabies-like infection some bats carry.

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