The Shame File

The canopy of Hill's figs at the top of Tyrrell Street


We are all familiar with the beautiful upper part of Tyrrell Street.

The bottom of Tyrrell Street after the work on the substation and removal of the trees.

One tree at the very bottom of Tyrrell Street ‘failed’ and fell on a Saturday into the yard of a daycare centre. This continues, rightly so, to spook many people. It is said that this tree failed because its roots were cut through for road works. Half the trees in the street were then assessed as being unsafe. A happy coincidence was that removing the trees made work on the substation easier.
Replacement planting was supposed to replicate the canopy but sadly will not do this.


Ravenshaw Street


Ravenshaw Street is near King Street MacDonald’s. A row of mature figs was ripped out to make way for a development which is said to house a Woolworths store – across the road from a Coles supermarket. The trees that are a dim memory were like the one at the end of the street. They seemed not to have been ruined by Energy Australia contractors and looked healthy. The noise of birds in these trees late in the afternoon was incredible.


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