Read excerpts from 8 years of doom and gloom about trees


This beautiful street is in Mayfield.These trees are African and are commonly known as Yellowoods. Their real name is an incredible achievement: Decussocarpus falcatus. If you can remember that the morning after the night before – or any time- I’ll call you an arborist and have to stop talking to you. Just joking…

There are a few streets in Mayfield where these trees grow and I saw a child climbing one of them. isn’t it nice to know some kids are outside playing and allowed to climb trees.

This is just a tiny post to tell you that I put together some excerpts from Herald articles going back to 2002 about trees in Newcastle, mostly full of threats to get rid of the mature ones and an ABC article from December 2009. Not a sound or a media release about how keen we are to improve the health of our trees or improve their root systems or ask some council-appointed consultants how to prolong the lives of the trees, since our expertise is limited to felling them. I’m wrong there – we farm that out too – see the piece on Arnold Street: we asked for tenders to have those beautiful camphor laurels felled.

See the page ‘Almost ten years of reporting on ‘being beyond tree preservation’ for a reasonable amount of getting us allready for the day when our healthy-looking trees will be removed to make way for magnolias, lillypillies and tuckeroos – all nice trees in their place…  Home


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