Anyone for a New Year’s Resolution?


Obviously, the chances of anything happening about community consultation about Laman Street in the next few weeks is the proverbial Buckley’s and none. I suppose it’s a worldwide phenomenon that everything grinds to a halt over Christmas and the first week (plus) of New Year.

I’ll have to stop worrying that we will run out of time but May 1 is going to be here before you can say arboriculture.

I am interested in forming a Laman Street Action Group. If anyone would like to be involved please email me at I don’t anticipate lots of meetings (because none of us have time) or bureaucracy, just enough to make a difference.

Some people may just want to follow this site or be part of it (I wonder whether website traffic counts, but it can’t hurt) or tell friends about what’s happening, email their councillors or think of a catchy name for the action group. I’m sure there are some great acronyms out there.

I was talking to an arborist a few weeks ago and while he was very helpful, he stopped short of giving me ideas for appropriate street trees, given that cities seem to worry about figs. The work of their consultancy, after all, is about selling that expertise.

Plane tree

Apart from how beautiful certain trees look there’s the argument about whether you should plant exotics. Personally I think there are lots of gorgeous non-Australian trees, like this plane tree, but there would be lots of people who disagree with me. Not that it’s relevant to Laman Street. I know, however, there are people in and outside Council who worry about how invasive the roots of Hill’s figs can be so watch out.

Plane tree

Hill's fig var. Flash at the Hyatt in Melbourne

I found a story on the Tree Logic website about planting Hill’s figs in a new hotel and the engineering was impressive. If the roots can be managed in this space they can surely be managed in Cooks Hill. The link is

I also found a website for a nursery on the north coast that grows row after row of Hill’s figs – so someone still has faith in them.

Hill's figs waiting for homes for the next 100+ years

 And nothing to do with anything except they’re in our streets:

Serious natives in Parry Street

Energy Australia were here




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