Great shot of tree roots in trench on TV news


This trucks vacuums the soil from around the roots

It gladdened my heart this evening on our local news channel to see the best shot of tree roots going across a trench.

It had been alleged to me by a council officer in November that when trenching was done in Laman Street years ago there were only roots in an east-west direction.This is supposed to make the trees unstable or insafe. Interesting that this information is now at least three years old and the trees are still standing. 

It still remains to be seen whether Council will say the roots found were of an adequate size.

The link to the NBN news item is here. At the time of writing it won’t play on my computer but I blame my poor little computer for that rather than the website.

Another little bit of news is that the Art Gallery opening in Laman Street was held this Friday. People talking out the front of the gallery afterwards saw the Lord Mayor leaving and one person called out to him to ‘Save the Laman Street Trees’. He assured them he would do his best – this is the man who voted against keeping the trees at the Decetransparency, arborists, charade, mber 15th council meeting.

I was reading about ground penetrating radar as a root-mapping exercise and was interested to see that other councils use it and believe the results, unlike Newcastle council. There were some Hill’s figs close to Balmain Town Hall that were investigated by GBG, the same company who did the work in Laman Street, and the council there believed them. Unlike our council they called in two groups of arborists, (as well as the radar company) to assess the trees, rather than just one.

I know Councillor Brad Luke has been quoted in the press as saying that many arborists have said the Laman Street trees are unsafe but he has failed to reply to my email asking for the names of those arborists so their reports can be read.

This tree has nothing at all to do with Laman Street but isn't it gorgeous?

Anyway… Did you hear that nominations for the charette have been extended by a week so if you can spare 2 days in March – 19th and 20th you should contact council. Their link is on the page ‘You should nominate for the design workshop’ but feel free to email me at if I can help at all.



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