Pictures we could learn from


This is a gorgeous photo from a story in the London Evening Standard by Brian Sewell about the sad loss of trees in his neighbourhood.

I’m grateful to the website savingourtrees for posting this story as part of their regular post ‘Tree News’.

Where we in Newcastle and probably all over Australia remove ‘targets’ (for that read ‘remove trees’) from beneath trees whose safety record is almost unblemished – our figs don’t tend to drop branches and the few that have fallen have fallen in storms when no one’s been around and have usually fallen because their roots have been vandalised – the powers that be put a seat near this superb ancient oak.

And look at this child risking life and limb.

Where are his parents?

Where are the council safety officers?

Where are the insurance clerks?

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One Response to “Pictures we could learn from”

  1. sharon Says:

    Wow, a tree that’s 700 – 800 years old, that’s worth a trip to London to see!

    …and how lucky is that child to be able to get ‘up close and personal’ with a tree that size and age.

    I wouldn’t trade my childhood tree memories for anything. I had half a tree house up one of two camphor laurel trees in my backyard as i grew up. You had to be a strong climber to be able to get up there, some kids needed a leg up and a push. We would shelter under it when it rained, then we could keep playing while staying dry. We also had a Morton Bay Fig which the local flying fox visited at night….you’d have loved that Caity!
    smiles, Sharon
    Protecting/saving the Laman Street Heritage Fig Trees for future generations to enjoy!

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