Back to the future: Tyrrell Street


Google earth - top of Tyrrell St

I was looking for some information about Tyrrell Street’s desertification and came across this great article from the Herald.

Council’s priority back then was safety too…

Tyrrell Street bottom end (more ways than one) - Google Earth







Fellers gather as landmark street figs get the chop

Date: 19/07/2004
Words: 310
Source: NCH
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: News
Page: 6
NEWCASTLE City Council workmen are due to start work early this morning removing 15 large fig trees in Tyrrell Street on The Hill.The tree-lined street, off Darby Street and Laman Street, is a leafy regional landmark.But the removal of the veteran trees was recommended by council staff this year on the grounds of public safety.

Council staff said independent arborists had identified the trees as posing “significant risks” to the community.

Newcastle council group manager of city services Janice Walsh said it was disappointing to lose the trees, but important to remember the Tyrrell Street fig trees would be replaced with species of similar scale and visual impact.

The ageing fig trees earmarked for removal are believed to be about 60 years old.

“Three of the Tyrrell Street figs have already fallen, with two falling onto a childcare centre [on Darby Street],” Ms Walsh said.

“Council’s first priority must be to public safety,” she said.

Ms Walsh said the major problem for the Tyrrell Street fig trees was a poorly developed root system “due to inappropriate selection of species originally”.

She said the replacement trees would be of a species better suited to their urban environment.

Members of the National Trust are concerned about the tree removal (about half the street’s trees) and have referred to it as ” a major loss of our heritage and cultural landscape”.

The tree removals are expected to take place between 7am and 6pm daily until this Friday.

Interruptions to traffic on the popular short cut into and out of the city centre are expected.



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