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I said yesterday that I would put in the link to the story about the poor Britishwoman killed in France by a tree previously deemed safe by tree experts:

The Lord Mayor quoted this article at the Council meeting where the Laman Street trees were discussed. I think he was trying to encourage the room to acknowledge how dangerous trees can be but the conclusion to draw from this example is that we should have no large trees at all. My thanks to John Sutton for the link.

I know it’s been Christmas and New Year but I keep looking up the Council’s website to find out what they have organised for public consultation in the ‘design’ of Laman Street. Sadly it has not been updated yet but watch this space.

I also keep checking for the minutes of the Public Voice meeting from December 8th 2009 when Ian Mackenzie gave a really informative speech to council about the benefits of the figs outweighing the risks. The truly interesting thing after his speech was that when the Council-appointed arborist and Mr Mackenzie were asked by John Tate how they would manage the issue of public liability and safety if they were to ignore every other issue they agreed. (Impossible to do, ie ignore all the other issues, but I suppose that’s  the way insurers and some financial managers look at things.)

They both suggested moving seats from a possible tree fall zone, making garden beds to discourage people from sitting near the figs and removing car parking from the street. They did not mention cutting down the trees.

I keep checking for the minutes of this meeting but they are yet to appear on the Council’s website. When I click on the link for this I find the minutes of a November meeting. I hope and assume this is an oversight.I emailed several councillors prior to Christmas and they were helpful and one was going to look into it for me.

Ian Mackenzie wrote an opinion piece for The Herald which is worth reading. he goes into the benefits in terms of carbon sequestration that these large trees represent:

And a couple of other things: there will be a meeting in Singleton soon about the Camberwell Church that was vandalised. As you probably know, the locals paid the insurance premiums for years but when the insurer paid out on the claim for damage done by vandals the church decided not to repair the church but rather to spend the money elsewhere in the parish.

The link with details about the meeting is

And The Herald on 2/1/09 had a story saying that Jodi McKay would order a feasibility study of repairing the Bogey Hole and making it safe. 1)Imagine what that will cost. 2) Imagine the cost, in comparison, of fixing the steps and the chain that used to stand on the ocean side of the Hole. 3) This presupposes the fact that the Bogey Hole is not safe. The Bogey Hole talk is probably a deliberate distraction from something else – a bit like danger of fig trees.



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