Cool Fig Birds


I went to Rowlands Park today in the beginning of my tour of Newcastle’s pocket parks and saw more fig birds.

This is a female and I thought I was pretty lucky getting a shot of her eating a fig.

When I showed my children and told them how amazing I thought it was to get a photo of a fig bird actually eating a fig, one of them said’ What did you expect – bananas?’

Lots of the palm trees in the park had fig trees growing out of them – good news for the birds and cool to see.

Reading tonight on Facebook about Empire Park and the Bogey Hole: great to see how much Newcastle feeling there is about these issues.

This is the link I used to reach the Bogey Hole page. Vickie Crosby says:

Next Sunday 31st January 12pm, a 2nd meeting will take place to formulate a working delegation to take the concerns of Newcastle residents to Newcastle City Council in relation to the planned closure of The Bogey Hole….meeting is planned for The Bogey Hole Cafe in Hunter St Newcastle….all welcome, please indicate your attendance.’

The website to help save Empire Park from those Who Know What’s good for Us better than we do has lots of email addresses, a petition, the background and so on.

I would be sending lots of stuff to State MPs and the Lands Department as Lands ‘own’ it.

More tomorrow, but here’s a titbit: when the Council voted to implement their Urban Forest Policy a couple of years ago two councillors opposed it! You’d wonder what on earth they could have had against it?    Home




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