Photos sent to me – Thanks!


These photos from Douglas Street in Wallsend were sent to me by Sharon Healey. The trees are trying to form an arch but there are powerlines on one side so forces of evil are working against them. Just kidding: I know the energy people are just following the rules etc. Wouldn’t you think someone would have the sense to say we need aerial bundled cables in this street to save the trees?

There’s that lightglobe going on in my head: unless you do it yourself or actively encourage ‘someone’ to do this it won’t happen. I/we/the people of the street need to write some letters.                                                                       Home

One of these photos isn't of a fig

In the course of my being busy and bothering lots of people about trees I phoned the arborist at Sydney City Council, Karen Sweeney. It was nice to hear that I was the third person from Newcastle who had phoned her about Laman Street. If only Newcastle City Council had the funds available to Sydney. Remeber when there’s an election on that the Hunter has 10 per cent of the population of NSW and receives 4 per cent of the funding.

I was prompted to call her because of the gorgeous fig-lined streets in Sydney that look like ours and that aren’t in the news as being on the chopping block. (See page on Sydney pics.)

She rang me back the day after I emailed her and couldn’t have been nicer. Amazingly some politicians, Federal, State and council alike, have either never responded to emails or calls or took a month to do so.

Photo by Robert Bignell

Photo by Robert Bignell

These signs are part of council’s risk management strategy. I’m sad to see the seating go under the figs but if it saves them for a few years it’s an acceptable compromise in my book. I hope there are plans to put seating elsewhere in the park to replace it what’s been lost.

More soon.


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