Picnic in the Park


Someone breathed on me and I feel as though I have the bubonic plague so just a quick post to say how great the picnic in the park was today.

This is the first one I have been to but Sharon who organises it has been arranging them for ages. I met lots of people for the first time; many people there were in the same boat and bravely came to a gathering of people they don’t know from the proverbial bar of soap. (Mixing my metaphors there somewhat – sorry: it’s the Cold Medicine…) There was a group of international students from the uni and stalwarts from the monthly picnic in the park group. The next one will be the third Saturday in March – watch this space for an announcement about the next location.

The weather was stunning and the trees put on a great show. There was even a protest happening in the park about internet censorship. Tomorrow I have to send a few last-minute emails about the charette and The Vision Thing.

Have you put yours in?

Go to Newcastle City Council’s website – it’s on their front page. If you can’t find it put Laman Street in the search box and it’s the first item. Don’t let the map put you off: ignore it if you like. You may find the online means to let them know your vision doesn’t work: it said I’d already told them when I hadn’t. You can just email it or even fax it.

Thanks so much to Karen for pointing out the ambiguities in this post. Cheers.                                                                                     Home


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