Radar report still pending


I had a phone call with Phil Hewett today to find out how I would be able to acquire a copy of the report on the radar examination of the roots of the figs in Laman Street.

Unfortunately the report is still pending. I phoned an engineering company and they said it wasn’t unusual to take this long to produce a report on an issue like this.

Mr Hewett said there was some indication that the radar operators thought they picked up roots where it was previously thought there weren’t any.

The Cultural Centre site ?1947 from NCC cultural collection

Mr Hewett also said that Council may have to dig up the road again (as they did in 2006) to try to confirm this preliminary suggestion.

The indication that there are  roots presumably in all directions  sounds great to me as that has been one of council’s issues. My understanding is that ‘experts’ think the trees’ root systems only run in two directions(I must read the tedious technical  parts of Mr Marsden’s report again).This is assumed to make the trees vulnerable to windthrow.

It is, of course, a worry that even though such an investigation (the radar one) is commissioned the result  may not be believed. What will repeating trench investigation cost? Why wouldn’t we believe it? Because it doesn’t suit our purpose?Is digging trenches around the roots of old trees dangerous to the health of the tree? I’ll have to do some more reading on root investigation.There is a picture of the trench investigation from 2006 in the Marsden report (see earlier post).

Jacqui Jones reported in The Herald on 5th December 2009 the story about the radar. It’s great to read because of the number of panicked calls the council must have fielded on the day of the testing, with the street closed and workers in there with equipment : people assumed the trees were being ripped out and made their disquiet known. Fantastic stuff.

This flowering gum has absolutely nothing to with Laman Street

One other small issue that’s been a bother is that I’ve been waiting for the minutes of the December 8th Public Voice meeting to appear on council’s website. That was the terrific meeting where the Council’s independent arborist and Ian Mackenzie agreed on approaches to risk management, and didn’t include removing the trees.

Before Christmas when I was completely carried away by conspiracy theories (rather than just a bit carried away now) I was certain that dirty tricks had to be the explanation for the fact that the link for this meeting’s minutes actually takes you to a November meeting.

I couldn’t understand why the other two issues discussed on the night were there correctly, but the Laman Street discussion was not there at all. I asked a few councillors and one of them was going to ask for this to be fixed. That was before Christmas.

I phoned yesterday and today because it’s still wrong.

I suppose I’ll be ringing again tomorrow.



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