Still waiting to hear about the charade/charette


People risking their lives at the laman Street art bazaar a couple of years ago

Am I like the distant relative waiting for the wedding invitation that never comes?

The charade charette/design workshop is on in just over a week and I don’t know anyone who has been notified about whether their application has been successful.

Since Saveourfigs was approached as a ‘stakeholder’ this surprises me somewhat.

You may or may not recall that one third of the 70 people attending the Do will be stakeholders = businesses, council, the Art Gallery, the Library etc who are in or close to Laman Street, one third will be residents who live within 1km of Laman Street and one third will be residents who live elsewhere in Newcastle.

I even risked this child's life by taking her near those nasty figs

It feels as though time’s running out. Lucky Council organised the charade workshop in a hurry, because after all, they have to report back to the elected councillors the success of the preconceived notions council officers came up with a couple of years ago the ideas suggested by the community at the Thing on 19th and 20th March.

I was talking to someone who is interested in the fate of this beautiful street and they were surprised to find the history of the Hill’s figs in Laman Street on council’s website. I had to remind them that this is a very negative view of what has happened there.

Remember to look at the ‘potentially unstable’ tree from the 2007 storm and bear that image in mind when you read the propaganda that is on their site. It’s sad to have to be this cynical but when there seems to be so little transparency it makes you lack trust in the way they work.

Friday 5th March 2010 in Laman Street

And what was retired council arborist Phil Hewett doing in Laman Street last Friday with the assets manager and other tree staff?

Is he back as a consultant? Is he just visiting? Were they on their way out for drinks? Is it not enough that he left council with this plan to rid the city of its mature trees? Does he have to go out of his way to visit the scene of the planned destruction? Maybe he’s moving into the area of tree preservation now and he’s trying to convince the remaining council staff that he was wrong.

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2 Responses to “Still waiting to hear about the charade/charette”

  1. Sharon Healey Says:

    No one i know, that has applied to be at the Charette has heard from Council as to wether or not ‘they have been chosen’ either…..

    I have also risked my life by participating in the ART BAZAAR it seems!
    Every year my art group have a stall at the Laman Street Art Festival and we are always greatful when, after waiting and waiting to hear, (a bit like youre waiting to hear about the Charette young Caity) we are given the same stall, our favourite spot, under one of the larger figs. If it is a hot day the tree will provide shade and if it rains the tree will protect our paintings from ruin. It is or WAS, the highlight of our painting year to be accepted and spend a full day in the most amazing energy that is Laman Street. There are hundreds of people coming and going throughout the day but unlike other street festivals, because of the Hills Fig trees, there is no rush or push. People meander and slowly digest the quality of the art & craft in the quality space. We have no choice because the trees set the pace.
    Last years Art Bazaar was declared ‘Too dangerous’ three days before, giving the poor organizers and us stall holders only days to reorganize everything to another venue. It was very stress provoking and inconvenient and as like previous years, not one limb fell on the day or has since, we would have to question Councils timing. What was it about?

    Don’t fret, I’m sure you will get plenty of notice about whether or not you will be going to the Charette, at least three days……

  2. Ali Says:

    who gives a FIG?
    we do!

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