Fig Jam


Fig Jam is a group that is trying to save the Laman Street figs and meets regularly.

It was started by a group of residents who couldn’t get to the night time meetings held by the Laman Street action group. They were represented at the charette and held a fantastic demonstration outside the Town Hall on the first day of the workshop, holding up great signs to let people know about the issue.

They usually meet on a Tuesday afternoon at 4:30pm in Cooks Hill.

They’re passionate about maintaining the beauty of Laman Street.

If you’re interested in getting involved you could email saveourfigs at and they’ll be in touch.     Home

Two containers gone, only one to go

Congratulations to Council for maintaining the fountain in the Memorial Grove


3 Responses to “Fig Jam”

  1. Ali Says:

    If NCC’s agenda priority is to minimise risk & harm for employees. Then surely NCC cannot be objective about decisions on the future of the trees. Clearly NCC has a conflict of interest.

  2. sharon Says:

    FIG JAM had a fantastic meeting today!
    At FEAST CAFE corner of Bull Street, Cooks Hill at 4.30pm where we meet most Tuesdays to discuss what we can do to protect the Hills Fig Trees in Laman and neighbouring streets from the unnecessary eradcation by our Council. Many residents attended, voicing their concern and disapproval while passers-by honked!
    A continuing petition was signed by 200 people on Saturday in Civic Park at Cultural Stomp and a further 80 people have signed in FEAST CAFE alone in the past 2 weeks.
    Help protect Laman Street from a Tyrrell Street fate, attend the next Council meeting on 18th May 2010, ring your Ward Councillors , write to the paper and have your say…

  3. sharon Says:

    Fig Jam Society are currently meeting Tuesdays at 11.30am in Civic Park.
    You can find us just over from the fountain. You’ll see the signs!
    If inclement weather, we’ll be in the library.

    Come and sign our petition, get involved or just find out what’s currently happening with our beautiful Laman Street Fig trees.

    Bring a ribbon or message and hang it in the trees!

    All welcome and appreciated.

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