Dead Wetland


I drive past a small wetland every working day. I believe it’s a remnant of a huge wetland that was ‘reclaimed’ years ago. Every year black swans would have several families and I could watch the babies turn from tiny fluffy grey goslings to fully-grown grey teenage swans which would then disappear.

It would be a bit nerve-racking as the traffic would go past at a great rate and occasionally the swans would be just by the side of the road. I took my children to see the new babies on lots of occasions.

Since work began on the new coal loaders the wetland has completely dried up. There had been some egrets there for the first time in the seven years since I started to watch the pond, which was a stunning sight. Looking back that was probably because their usual nesting place had been destroyed.

It’s taken some months but there is now only dry ground where there were lots of birds every day.                                     Home


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