Ravenshaw Street update


If you read ‘The Shame File’ you will have seen the pictures of the desert that is now Ravenshaw Street. The development going up there will have two residential towers and a shopping centre as well as a seven-screen cinema. 

In the process of preparing for this development a row of mature figs were cut down; there was also at least one tree lost in Steel Street, on the other side of the block. 

You’ll be pleased to know that the developer is applying for a third change of plans – now they want to add six metres to the height of the building and a gym. 

As far as I can tell the building is already approved to be at least 4 storeys higher than surrounding buildings and that it will exceed the limit imposed by planning regulations that are in place. 

You can imagine the dinner party conversation that must have taken place recently – having presumably asked engineers and architects who designed the building some time ago to amend their plans – 

‘You know that building we’re putting up in Steel Street that we first put in a DA for years ago?’ 

‘That one that we’re part of the  way through building already?’ 

‘Yes – I was thinking, why don’t we add a couple of extra floors? No one will notice.’ 

‘But there were at least thirty objections from the local community about the tree loss, the building height, the traffic and so on.’ 

‘Don’t worry about it – it’ll go through.’ 

I swear I’m not anti-development. I just think 35 metres (the limit imposed for that area of the city)  is perfectly adequate  and I think it’s cynical, that after planning that building over probably a decade to go back to council and make a significant change like its height. 

I used to find trees like this ugly: now I appreciate them for providing habitat for urban wildlife

31 1 2010 What I want for Christmas is the ability to think before I speak and to spend more time reading the fne print!

 The new DA was to raise the height of one part of the development, the podium. The panel touched on the fact that as it was a new DA they could have looked at overall height but that since this had been previously passed they would not go into that. Shame.

They did ask council officers to go back and look at a few things again rather than just use old figures.That gave one a tiny bit of faith in the system.



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