About Us part 2

                                                     7th August 2010: The first post this week was ‘Tree valuation now as changeable as tree risk calculation’ inspired by an incorrect a new calculation for how little much the 80-year-old figs are worth in Laman Street. Council worked out last year that the trees were worth $1million but they’ve depreciated significantly. Funny, that. No doubt they’ll blame some poor booby on the staff.

We had another storm in town this week – ‘Did Laman Street’s figs survive this week’s 102/km/hr wind?‘  with winds rivalling the 2007 storm after which the council’s arborist chopped down several Laman Street figs. They’ve been calling them tree failures ever since, relying on people’s short memories and tendency to trust government bodies.

And ‘Give me a tree buffer zone and a green roof and I’ll shut up for five minutes’  is about how green some parts of our town could be. A general whine, basically.

1st August 2010: I started the week with ‘Is this our ugliest streetscape? Plus a slide show’ in which I lamented the dead trees and noxious weeds lining one of our busiest roads.

Then council held its much-anticipated presentation which was to be about the findings of the charette/design workshop; ‘Well that was fun – the post-charette presentation’. The council uber-spin-doctors have been busy coming up with dazzling accounting figures to put anyone off keeping trees. The presentation didn’t mention anything that was in the charette.

‘A quick vent’ is a sort of Part 2 post-charette whine plus a few bits and pieces. And finally, this was the week that council probably had a party because Hunter Water cut a tree root when they were trying to fix a pipe, ‘Cosmic irony’. It’s ironic because instead of saying they want to get rid of the trees because they want to have a new look for the Art Gallery, or the roots are getting into pipes, or fashion has passed figs by, they have claimed the trees don’t have enough roots. One less root now.

24th July 2010: It was a manic week this week because council was discussing street tree management at last Tuesday’s meeting and will be discussing the Laman Street Civic Park design workshop next Tuesday.

This weeks’s posts were ‘Tree removals notified on council’s website’ about ten trees removed with (very little but better than no) notice; ‘Council discussing street tree maintenance’ about my wish list for tree removal notifications; ‘Community consultation and the example of Marrickville council’ about the council meeting when a presentation was given by asset and arboricultural staff, and ‘Laman Street won’t be turned into Legerwood Street’ about the lack of interest shown in the Lord Mayor’s plan for wooden celebrities instead of leaves and branches. Finally ‘Do my emails end up in the spam folder’ about an email I sent to a councillor who regrets postponing the removal of the figs.

Remember: on Tuesday 27th July 2010 at 5:30pm in the Hunter Room of the Town Hall – that’s on the top floor – the consultants who ran the charette (that’s community design workshop to you) will be presenting their findings to the councillors.

It’s likely it will only go for about half an hour, you can leave whenever you like and you can wear whatever you like. The only no-no’s are participating, booing, swearing, hissing or otherwise being rowdy.

And please remember: when they tell the room that all the options in relation to the trees were canvassed, it is incorrect. the only things they looked at were that council wanted to get rid of the trees, trees elsewhere in Cooks Hill have fallen over (after council damaged their roots) so these could fall too, and if we want them replaced we are only allowed to have a single row of trees, and they won’t tell us what species.  


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