We need a Significant Tree Register


Many Councils around Australia have Significant Tree registers.

In South Australia legislation protects significant trees: a development application must be lodged for the removal of or damage to a significant tree. This is a tree with a trunk circumference of 2 metres measured 1 metre above ground level.Fines of up to $30 000 apply if a breach of the act is proven.

The ACT has also introduced legislation protecting trees of a certain diameter and height.

I googled ‘Significant Tree Register’ and NSW scores very few hits, especially in comparison to Victoria.

Ryde and Woollahra have registers – the latter’s is 56 pages long!

It’s time we lobbied Council to start this so we can protect the trees we have and require care in removing them. We could start a list here or you could let Council know that you want a register and which trees you want preserved.

Obviously the Civic Park trees, Laman Street, Tyrrell Street, the beautiful fig in Wickham that sits near the floating dock, Council street, the figs fronting OneSteel along Industrial Drive – and so on.

Here’s to the start of our list and here’s an example –

the trees in the park opposite the Entertainment centre, which look beautifully looked after.



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One Response to “We need a Significant Tree Register”

  1. Sean Freeman Says:

    Hello Caity, I think starting a list of significant trees in the Newcastle area is a great idea. It is the starting point of any atteempt to establish long term management….knowing what you have!

    It can be very hard within tight LGA budgets for even the most motivated council officers to get the ball rolling, this is where community groups can and really should (IMO) step up.

    As you have said there are examples from other states of models for the detail to be included or excluded on the register.

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