This is the picture I put in the last post.

I wanted to show you that this is an example of a casebook tree failure – not.

On Newcastle City Council’s website they talk about the history of Hill’s fig problems and they mention the 2007 storm as resulting in three tree removals because of root plate instability and they present this as ‘casebook’.

I presume we are supposed to believe that this is indisputable. Twaddle.

This should make us question every piece of evidence we are given by council officers.

My partner had a discussion with a senior council officer even before the rescission motion vote was held. This officer said there was to be no work of any kind in the street – no power cabling, no art gallery redevelopment, no anything. He was told there was no money for the AG work.

Only 3 months later it seems to be common knowledge that there is funding for the AG extension. It’s a stretch of the imagination that this person in a council management position was unaware of this.                                             Home

Look at those pretty, neat and tidy, European-looking trees in silhouette. This picture comes from the Newcastle gallery Society Magazine Vol 41 No 1 Feb-June 2010





One Response to “Case$%#book”

  1. Ali Says:

    Oh i like that…. “Dennis Marsden was the arborist asked to predict the future of the trees. He said,
    ‘My prognosis was that if the Gallery was removed, the trees would for a short time be fully exposed to southerlies and they’d fall over. Even with the Gallery there, they were found to be dodgy and at high risk of failure in a major storm event.’”….

    DODGY! is that professional diagnostic terminology! What a class act.

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