More Karma Strikes 10.3.2014

Red Cross Op Shop window, Hamilton

Red Cross Op Shop window, Hamilton

The fig karma whirling through the ether has struck again. And gets no credit because the sackings of two senior Council staff are nothing to do with fig trees, but are because of the Whiteley sculpture in Laman Street.

Former Planning Director Future Cities Director Judy Jaeger and Art Gallery Director Ron Ramsay have been dismissed by Newcastle City Council.

Read all about it – or the bit that’ll be made public – here.

The only contact I ever had with Mr Ramsay was at a walk around the gallery at the charade/charrette held in 2010, when he lamented the ‘antisocial’ behaviour that went on in the Memorial Grove outside his office. He never elaborated on the details of such alleged behaviour.

I entirely opposed his presumed (perhaps incorrectly) desire to replace the community-inspired War Memorial Grove with a sculpture garden. He wouldn’t know me from the proverbial bar of soap because I was at the back of the group quietly heckling, snorting and generally making a spectacle of myself. That was after I argued with the arborist Andrew Morton about the significance of the alleged radar findings. Didn’t make a friend of him.

You had to be there.

And Ms Jaeger – what can I say? Except that all those working group meetings didn’t endear her to anyone I know.

This is my favourite quote from her statement today:

She said that during her 35 years in local government she ‘‘has always acted with integrity and transparency and has maintained the professional standards required under the code of conduct’’.

Wicked Witch of the West Legs Prop

Toy licensed to Wizard Of Oz; image from



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One Response to “More Karma Strikes 10.3.2014”

  1. stephen costigan Says:

    Thanks Caity – can’t help but feel that the spirit of our beautiful trees are involved in the dismissal of those two. Now we’ll have to patiently wait for what they have in store for Mr Cordingley. Long live the figs!!!

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