Bats in Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens


The gum tree I planted about 3 metres away from our first house. Fully grown in five minutes...

Read a sad thing on twitter tonight about the Royal Botanic Gardens wanting to evict grey-headed flying foxes from the gardens.

The Humane Society tweeted about it and there’s a media release out by HSI, WIRES, Bat Advocacy and WWF that you can read at

I note looking at the Gardens’ website that they ironically have aSave a Species’ campaign:  or

How noble to preserve plants rather than let them disappear. They need to come to Newcastle and give our council some advice about preserving green growing things.

Why not? Everyone else from Sydney’s either been or coming to tell us how to do things – the charette was run by Sydney people, the Art Gallery tender has apparently been won by  a Sydney firm, the Civic Park plan was done by a Sydney firm, the odd slash-and-burn expert has come from Sydney.

You can contact the RBGs seed preservation mob at

There’s a feedback form on the RBG website that limits you to things other than a rant about this dreadful plan but I wrote anyway; the Dept of Environment, Climate Change and Water similarly doesn’t have a clear place to send feedback but give it a go anyway.

I’m sending an email to them about how terrible it is that they want to get rid of bats. Plant more trees for them to roost in and to replace the ones the bats are wrecking and make an eco-tourism attraction out of them. I know where they can get some mature figs…Oh sorry – I forgot: they don’t have any roots. So they may have to employ the Central Coast mature tree nursery. Coming from the Central Coast, our semi-retired chief arborist would be able to point the way to them.

Peter Garrett’s contact form is at       and click ‘contact form’

The contact details for the Botanic Gardens is at

Apparently they received between 2 and 300 objections to their plan. They are alleging there was a successful relocation of bats in Melbourne under the same circumstances. Hard to imagine there weren’t animal losses.     Home

Not bats


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