And so it begins…


Laman Street from Civic Park

Newcastle is a city that, like so many others,  loves its trees. In these times when  action on climate change is so important it’s unbelievable that Newcastle City Council is planning to fell an avenue of figs in our most beautiful street, Laman Street.

This may be  the beginning of many such moves and residents have to work together to let council know that this is not something we will tolerate.
This page is about informing each other on the issues, providing updates on where Council is going, and working on ways that  the whole community can be involved to bring about changes that are right for all of us.
“Merciful shade, tipsy bats, beautiful ancestors, long-treasured friends and residents, iconic, fragrant and loved. When I think of Newcastle, I remember the artists, the railway buildings, the Bogey Hole and the Laman Street figs.”
– Louise David, online petitioner

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One Response to “And so it begins…”

  1. paula cappellacci Says:

    I hope that the council comes to its sences and leaves these beautiful trees alone.

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