Deja Vu in Laman Street: Anzac Day 2015

Wait for spin about root plate movement

This tree survived another once in a hundred year storm. Council got it anyway.

Picture the scene: a beautiful sunny day a few days after yet another once-in-a-century storm.

Two trees failed in the storm so logically you’d take two out wouldn’t you?

Not Newcastle City Council. They took out three within a couple of days then today the started on the rest.

Anzac Day: public holiday pay rates?

No notifying residents or the elected council.

About 18 blokes (not a female in sight).

Two cranes,  a digger, two trucks, a mulcher and temporary fencing.

The police were called to deal with the first resident to ask questions: a small female with a dog.

Later in the day work was stopped after a number of campaigners climbed one of the trees.

I remember saying to 2HD radio in an interview once, ‘Look out your window: if there’s a fig tree, watch out, because they’re coming for them all.’ Home.

Laman St failures 2015

Just after the storm

Easternmost tree

Hill's fig. Lamar Street

Hill's fig Laman Street. Tree maintenance...

Base of Laman Street Hill's fig

TG for mobile phones

Hill's fig base

Half a Hill's fig being mulched.

Hill's fig failure in Council Street


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