Tree Preservation in America


The before shot

I found a US website that promotes what I presume is a group of private arboricultural companies who work to maintain mature trees and improve their root systems.

They say their sole focus is on ‘root restoration by correcting  soil problems created by the urban environment’.

The 'after' shot

They specialise in trees in decline, transplanted trees and trees damaged by construction.

They very sensibly make the point that one of the best ways to ‘go green’ is to maintain the health of existing trees.
They operate in the south-eastern US and it would be nice to think that someone here had the technology to do something like this here. Maybe there’s some government incentive money to fix trees, just as there has been recently to fix pavements and bus shelters and so on.

New construction damage, soil compaction and drought causes root damage and die back by preventing the root system from growing as well as finding the water, oxygen and other nutrition that it needs.

Our deep root feeding system addresses all of these issues at a very low cost while leaving a very small footprint on our environment. We provide soil compaction relief through high pressure air injections breaking up the ground for soil aeration to encourage meristematic and mycorrhizae growth in and around the root system.

We use controlled and measured pressure, a system that we patented, for the best possible results. Our liquid feeding through deep root injection is also measured and controlled to prevent waste or run-off into our underground water systems.

Do you have signature, historic, mature, fruit or nut, or newly planted trees, or established vineyards? If you do, contact us to see how we can help before you take any other action. Help our environment by doing your part to be “green”.

Now, what I know about looking after trees and tree diseases would fit on the back of a postage stamp, so I’m unable to say whether it’s a load of twaddle but it sounds good doesn’t it?

I love the Louisiana section:

Think you might have some valuable trees that could use some help due to extended drought, construction damage or just old age?

Are you concerned that the next big storm could blow over one of YOUR trees onto YOUR HOUSE?

Louisiana seems to be the target for many hurricanes. We have proven results, tested by Hurricane Katrina, and can help your tree establish the solid root system that it needs to remain standing.

I must look up wind speeds in Hurricane Katrina versus wind speeds in the Pasha Bulker storm. Calling Newcastle a windy city was something the external arborist did in the report that condemned the Laman Street figs. Funny how people who live here have never noticed that.

We must never forget that what happens in Laman Street will set a precedent for other mature trees throughout our city and elsewhere.

If council is allowed to they will gradually rid us of fig trees and we’ll be awash with tuckeroos. I must look up how long they live.  Home


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