Arnold Street choice of replacement trees


White cedar trees in William Street Mayfield

I heard from Landscape architecture at Council about the choice of trees in Arnold Street that will replace the camphor laurels. One side of the street will be Melia azederach ‘Elite’. The trees that look to me like white cedar trees in Mayfield make a beautiful row.

Melia is listed in some places as a weed. In Victoria I believe the trees spread very easily and in rural areas they’re a problem because the berries are poisonous to cattle. The ‘Elite’ cultivar is non-fruiting I read today.They’re a beautiful tree, especially in flower. I’ve always admired the ones in Glebe Road and throughout Hamilton.It’s amazing that they’re not only native to Australia but also to places throughout Asia and the Middle East.

On the other side of the street will be Pistachio Chinensis. There’s a fantastic picture of one on the Arbor day website that’s worth a look. Sounds like a lovely street plan.

Camphor Laurels in Newcastle West

This is presumably what Arnold Street (see ‘Not shame file 2 but a sad day’) looked like 6 months ago. It’s a shame the wood from the Mayfield trees couldn’t have been used by woodturners; apparently it’s lovely.

The Council has corrected the minutes of the Public Voice meeting. Sadly the minutes are so  brief as to make them almost worthless, but it’s usual to have only the briefest summary of Public Voice meetings as the minutes.Ian Mackenzie’s article in the Herald is always worth re-reading and keeping in your mind when Council’s re-education camp for treehuggers the community consultation process begins.

It gives me hope to remember that in 1977 when the Queen came to town to open the Art Gallery cutting the figs down was seriously discussed. This was because there was apparently an enormous number of starlings at the time and They’ were worried that the queen might get bird poo on her hat.

Fortunately the umbrella had been invented some years previously so they took one of those along.

I read a wonderful quote on an arborist website:

A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees.
– William Blake




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