Anyone for an arborist’s report?


The stairs above the Captain Cook Memorial Fountain

The report on which the original briefing to Council was based on was written by Mr Dennis Marsden.

When you read it bear in mind that while he is eminent no one should be expected to predict with certainty when a tree is going to ‘fail’.

And consider reading some of the risk management quotes earlier in this blog, to acquaint yourself with some of the uncertainties about tree risk assessment. The other thing to remember is that the weather conditions have been extreme when other trees throughout Cooks Hill have fallen over.

I am not trying to ignore the risk of further trees falling over; I’m just trying to inject some awareness that this opinion could be disputed.

It’s also important to remember that there are many things not taken into account in the report such as the importance of the trees to the community and their heritage value.

Happy reading.

Next time I’ll give you the link to the story about a tree in France that our Lord Mayor used as an example of how dangerous trees can be. Tragically, it fell on a  tourist and killed her; there was no warning at all. The flaw in using this awful story as an example of anything is that the tree had been assessed by ‘experts’ as safe.




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