LOL 23.10.2013

Go away and don't come back

Go away and don’t come back

There’s a street party in Laman Street this Friday. You heard right – a street party. I wonder if any of the Malignant Seven will be there. Or the disastrous Cr Rufo. Of Mayor McPigShooter.

It’s to celebrate the near-completion of the multi-million dollar development that proceeded without the need for a pesky DA. Millions that were mostly spent under delegated authority by overpaid council staff.

(It may also be a karmic celebration of reduced job security for at least some of the nasty dead wood responsible. I look forward to hearing that some under-managers don’t have their contracts renewed under the current overpaid GM.)

Come and see the paving they chose.



A better place to be this Friday is outside Parliament House in Macquarie Street to protest the destruction of the Leard and Pilliga forests by coal seam gas and coal mining.:  10am in Hyde Park to proceed towards Parliament House.


Couple Anzac Centennial Place resizedLaman St 5.2.2012 Shade

Laman St police

Photo by Rhomany

Photo by Rhomany

Laman St April 2010




One Response to “LOL 23.10.2013”

  1. inheritanceorg Says:

    Malignant Seven, that is classic! The photos tell the story, I am from Sydney and haven’t been game enough to go back and have a look at the carnage they inflicted on poor Laman Street. Seeing the ‘before’ picture is almost heart breaking. Thanks for your continued work.

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