Did you vote?


Look what I found – the last three Laman Shame stickers in the world.


Passed an anti-Laman Street councillor from the last council when I was driving home today from work.

My first instinct was to pull over and yell at him but instead I acted like a grown up and drove on.

Plus there was nowhere to park…

And he looked like a sad man.

I can dream that he is.

Vote for Hill’s figs in Arthur Park. You have till close of business, I presume.



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4 Responses to “Did you vote?”

  1. mercurialmich Says:

    I so wanted one of these stickers, but didn’t know where to get them!!
    Was any Laman St ephemera (protest signs, stickers, etc.) ever collected by the Newcastle Museum? It would be a shame if this significant moment in our contemporary history was not recorded in some way for future generations.

  2. Caity Raschke Says:

    Given that the museum is owned by Council, I can’t imagine they are yet interested. All the signs, as far as I know, are safe somewhere.

  3. Keith Parsons Says:

    Which one? I voted but they asked me for my address. No doubt they will discount anyone living more than a block from AP.


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