Update on tree poll 17.10.2013


Arthur Park 14 4 2012 viThis was Arthur Park in April 2012. The third photo is how the park looks now.

Thanks to the friends who went to the *cough* information session for some details about the process. Any mistakes are mine. (As are omissions that don’t suit me.)

1. The picture of the Hill’s fig and the Port Jackson were transposed on the sign. Wonder if that will influence voting. Council prefer Port Jacksons. Smaller, slower, native to the Hunter.

2. Hill’s figs were ahead in the poll when one friend rang today to put in their bid.

3. 13 residents and two dogs attended the park to be ‘informed’.

4. There is no landscape plan. One is not needed, the meeting was told; it’s not needed because council is just replanting.

5. Planting will happen before Christmas.

6. Residents wanted to know why the trees were chopped down but council’s reps weren’t there to Talk About The Past.

It wasn’t a secret ballot – you had to give council your name and address. I wonder if votes were worth more if they were from a local. Or a council employee.

As usual, click on the photos to make them larger. Thanks to Rae and Simone for sharing theirs. Thanks to Roz, Sharon, Susie and David for Other Stuff.

And I wonder how the Toronto ‘information’ (not consultation) session went this week. Those beautiful Hill’s figs lining the main street are doomed. Shame that local business people don’t realise that commercial strips are busier if they are treed, that cooling and heating costs are lower, that it will be decades before the place recovers if the trees are felled, that cars travel slower in trees streets, etc etc etc.

And it’s all so small in comparison to the terrible fires happening around NSW this week and last week.

Arthur Park 14 4 2012 iv




And in the spirit of going on and on as I do –







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3 Responses to “Update on tree poll 17.10.2013”

  1. Newcastle.... developer heaven Says:

    i note that the photos of the trees on the information session poster are of huge trees that we will never see in our life time……..

  2. ArchitectGJA Says:

    Are these trees to replace those that were damaged after being fed with RoundUp for several years? If so, what soil remediation was done? Maybe they do need a plan after all…

    from the Herald, April 11, 2012:
    More Newcastle city trees to go

    NEWCASTLE City Council has marked 15 significant trees, mostly figs, for removal. Councillors were briefed yesterday about the results of a citywide audit of 223 large trees, mainly focusing on parks and high-use areas… …City arborist Lindsay Field told councillors the trees in Arthur Park could not be saved and would continue to deteriorate if not removed. Mr Field said the trees were discovered to be poisoned about four years ago and their upper branches were dead. The council has since stopped using Roundup to kill weeds growing in mulch around the trees.

  3. Civic Pride Says:

    I still don’t get the start of this…
    roundup (glyphoaste) is only absorbed by leaves, it is inactivated on contact with soil. How did they get poisoned?

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