Liquidambars for Adamstown? 16.10.2013


There’s a council *cough*   ‘information’ session at Arthur Park on Brunker Rd Adamstown at 5pm today.

Only one fig remains after Council *cough again* accidentally poisoned the rest.

Three options for replacement are mentioned on the sign in the park that probably went up yesterday in the hope no one would see it.

Port Jackson figs, Hills’ figs or liquidambars.

They’ve been trying to give us liquidambars for years. Imagine how big they are now – as I’m guessing they bought them ages ago and they’re out the back, pof-bound…

Bring a friend. Hope you’re not there on your own.

Figs forever. Hills’.


One Response to “Liquidambars for Adamstown? 16.10.2013”

  1. Toni Lorentzen Says:

    Just to let you know that Lake Macquarie Council is holding an “information” session (rather than the consultation promised) tonight at 5.30 at Toronto Public School to talk of their plans for Toronto’s main street. This includes chopping down our beautiful and healthy Hills figs. We are urging all who oppose the massacre of these majestic trees to attend so that The Counci knowsl how much we want to preserve them.
    We requested of Council that we be allowed 10 minutes for an arborist who says the trees should stay, to address the meeting. This request was refused and we are restricted to asking questions only.
    Laman Street re-visited.

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