Petition Bega Council

Not Bega

Not Bega

Thanks to Fee for this: Bega Council on the south coast plans to remove some huge beautiful gum trees from a park called Littleton Gardens in the centre of town.

This is based on reports about the trees’ health, dated 2004. 2004. Anyway.

Death. Danger. Fungus. High Matheny and Clark scores. Disregard for native animals and birds. Upset locals.

No surprises. Except that the replacement trees will be Manchurian pears. They’re kidding. In a park. In 2013. In Australia. Wimpy choice if I ever saw one.

Manchurian pears are what tuckeroos were five years ago. Only worse.

Fashion. *snort*

Here’s a petition. Please sign and share it.

And a bit of gossip, or happy news. The website Treeworld, from which I had a lifetime ban, has been shut down by its owner.

Missed by none.



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One Response to “Petition Bega Council”

  1. ArchitectGJA Says:

    …signed. Why not leave the existing native trees alone, find some other open ground for a new Manchurian Pear tree park if Bega council is so inclined? Nothing wrong with growing some polite pretty ornamental trees, unless a thriving grove must be destroyed to accommodate them.

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