A How-To vote in online polls 29.6.2013


wpid-2012-12-09-14.32.11.jpgThere’s a coal poll in the Herald today about how jobs are being lost in the industry.

The implication is that the mega-companies who are digging up the Hunter and blowing dust on everyone locally, and contributing to climate change globally, need government assistance.

As if.

From an articulate friend, Brenda Kellaway:

The mining industry, especially in the Hunter receives millions of dollars in support from both state and Federal Governments for the alteration of the railway line up to the mines, on the Ports in Newcastle, on road works, not to mention the amount of money they receive in fuel tax rebates.

The loss of jobs in the Hunter has nothing to do with the actions of residents in the area who are asking minimal protections for their health and for the protection of the environment.

The job losses are caused by the economic crisis and the fact that the market for coal is waning. A very small portion of the money from this industry finds its way back into the hands of the public via wages and royalties, the royalties are minimal.

Most of the profits from mining go directly overseas into the hands of multinational companies.

A Newcastle Coal Infrastructure group (BHP) tree trying to hide a coal pile

If you have thirty seconds, vote in the poll.

If you have a bit more time, download Google Chrome, open the new incognito window tab by clicking on the little parallel bar thingy on the right of the address bar, and vote again.

Unscrupulous opponents may be closing and reopening Chrome and the incognito window tens or hundreds of times.

This could be how they learned to do it:

Search ‘download Google Chrome‘:

google chrome download

Choose the CNET option:

Google chrome CNET

Follow the instructions to download it:

Google chrome CNET download button

On the Google Chrome home page

Google chrome home page

you’ll see those little parallel bars on the right of the address bar, whose name is known only to teenagers

Google chrome home page parallel bars

Click on them and choose the new incognito window tab

Google chrome home page new incognito window

and go for it.

google chrome incognito window

If you’re unscrupulous, that is.



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