Proud tradition of tree care *sarcasm*


Good work, Local Council: a prettied-up gutter but a damaged tree with severed roots in the process.

Here’s how well trees are cared for when a gutter is being refashioned. Newcastle. City. Council.

The tree team have been spruiking about their talents and intelligence for years. They seriously have their hand on it.




This shoddiness is just around the corner from the shoddiness that is Glover’s lane where Council sold off lovely little piece of community land. According to Mayor McPigShooter, we’re supposed to have known that this land was going to be sold.


Get your hand off it, Jeff.



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2 Responses to “Proud tradition of tree care *sarcasm*”

  1. Newcastle.... developer heaven Says:

    Aren’t the people of Turkey giving out a message!

    We are being led down the same path by “ignore the community”, “couldn’t care less about the Earth we stand on”, “do it for the money” Liberals!

    People will only be dominated, bullied and over powered by the self proclaimed elite for so long, then they have to stand up and push back.

  2. JeromeRyan Says:

    I thought a reserve was a special place to enjoy obviously , after 42 years of life I’ve been misled stupid me.

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