Spend, spend, spend 27.5.2013


wpid-2013-05-10-15.31.41.jpgSee this beautiful footpath? Trip-hazard-free, beige – we love Beige in Newcastle** – tastefully patterned, disappearing into the distance – you expect to see Audrey Hepburn hop out of a yellow cab any minute.

It would have cost a bomb.

I Get that beautiful and well-maintained footpaths are important:

Footpaths form a major part of the public realm and their quality has a direct impact on the pedestrian experience. Ensuring that footpaths are safe, attractive and well maintained will enhance the pedestrian environment and help to sustain activity and vitality throughout the City.
This is from the City of Adelaide Footpath policy document.Imagine the meetings it took to write. It goes on to explain further, in case, like me, you were at risk of thinking footpaths are to stop people getting mud in their shoes or to assist people pushing prams.They say the benefits of footpaths are:
Public pride and appreciation of the importance of streets and public spaces
Public recognition of a distinct identity, reinforcing a strong and unique sense of place for the City
Reduced and predictable maintenance costs
Cost effective and controlled quality of pavement surfaces
Safe walking and access conditions

So footpaths are important. The street in the photo, however, doesn’t seem to play much of a role in placemaking  or safety, since no one walks along there.

I only walk this way when I go to the Book Grocer in the Mall. You know –  it’s near the $250 000 public toilet that was the subject of an Interesting Tender Process.
Almost no one walks along this footpath. Why spend time or money prettying it up when Council’s allegedly broke?
Because the patients are in charge of the asylum.


**Beige: for Billy Connelly on beige, here’s an interview he did with Andrew Denton. And cop this yawn – what the Tidy People at Newcastle Now would have us do with building facades in Hunter Street. *eeek*

And in this clip, you’re looking at the footpath. Cheers. Home




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2 Responses to “Spend, spend, spend 27.5.2013”

  1. Jack Says:

    Love ya Caity.

  2. mercurialmich Says:

    There aren’t words to describe how much I hate beige.
    The only way those revamped buildings would look better is if some nice green trees were planted in front, to hide the facades. Oh, wait…

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