Safe haven. Or Postcards from the edge. 19.5.2013


What’s good?

The weather, thanks to global warming, presumably.

It’s the weekend. Can never argue with that, even when you love your job.

Barack Obama tweeted about an Australian scientist’s paper on scientists’ agreement about climate change

: 16 May

Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree: change is real, man-made and dangerous. Read more:

and NCC are turning more of their lights off – I drove past the round house a week or so ago and instead of lights on at every level, only one was lit up. The bill must have got to them.

What’s not. Good, that is.

As usual, Laman Street.

While we’re all safe at last from death by falling fig, we’re harmed daily by the sight of devastation outside the art gallery. Well done, NCC. What a shame the State government doesn’t have a spare $7million to help fund an extension. There’s no money, says the Arts Minister (yes, they have one) – apart from the $300 million for the NSW Art Gallery.

The Australian has a great article comparing the fortunes of Bendigo gallery (gorgeous) with Newcastle’s. What a joke. The article doesn’t give us the answer to the difference, though. Newcastle doesn’t spruik loudly its appreciation of the gallery but I would have thought the (excuse me for a pretentious reference) bogan count would be just as high in each town. Maybe bogan(excuse me)ism is associated with mining.

Here’s your eye candy. Not.












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One Response to “Safe haven. Or Postcards from the edge. 19.5.2013”

  1. JeromeRyan Says:

    shame newcastle shame. you have done something that truly is going to take so long to repair and i pas laman st every day. NOT PRETTY.

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