Soldiering On 7.5.2013


ABC radio today featured Newcastle City Councillor Allan Robinson’s legal representative, Chris Murphy,  explaining how the retired jockey is too unwell to appear before the inquiry into whether Gai Waterhouse has a big mouth told her son that a poor bloody racehorse had an injury blah blah blah.

Mr Murphy’s defence was a ringing endorsement of how brave Cr Robinson has been –

He drove all over New South Wales for trainers like Gai Waterhouse, burning his riding fee doing it. He punctured his lung, he broke his neck and eventually he broke his back and suffered a brain injury

Cr Allan Robinsonand I had to agree with the friend who questioned his fitness to carry out the duties of a councillor. How does he sit on those chairs for hours, listening to a lot of hot air? How does he concentrate? Those sore backs and brain injuries can be buggers.

The Australian’s website says a later announcement said Robbo (don’t you hate nicknames?) will appear before the inquiry as long as everyone’s nice to him.

Good luck with that.









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2 Responses to “Soldiering On 7.5.2013”

  1. Keith Parsons Says:

    Brain injury? Hmm.

  2. JeromeRyan Says:

    conucil yeh grub yeh well corruption yeh well.collaboration yeh well.face the music boys yeh well .lets look forward to justice. so sick are u well get healthy.

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