Angry Bird*


NCC tree managementThere’s a meeting to go to this Monday if you’re into watching the evil wheels** of government turn: the Stronach development of the Royal Newcastle Hospital site is being discussed by the Planning Assessment Commission.

Bodies in the room is always a good idea. Odd time to hold a meeting like this – 4pm – but maybe the committee members have a soccer presentation to go to. Or a P&C meeting. Or they have to beat the traffic to the gym.

This is an image from the Mirvac/Royal website. Each to his/her own, I suppose. Nice view from inside… the Herald, in case you can’t be bothered clicking the link:

THE Department of Planning has endorsed the addition of a hotel to plans for the last slice of the former Royal Newcastle Hospital, along with other changes to the project’s masterplan.

Residents can have one last say on the modifications to the Newcastle site’s concept plan this month before the Planning Assessment Commission decides on behalf of the government whether to approve them.

In its recommendation to the commission, the department said the modifications, to include a 100-room hotel as well as residential apartments and a reshuffle of the site’s layout, should be incorporated into the plan.

A hotel would help support jobs and tourism, the department said, despite the objections in more than a dozen public submissions.

The Novotel, constructed in earlier stages of the redevelopment, already operates next to the undeveloped area Mirvac sold to a consortium involving Stronach Property. The masterplan changes follow developer Keith Stronach’s work to refurbish the site’s David Maddison Building.

The department’s assessment report said residents raised concerns about more traffic, reduced views from nearby ARVIA apartments, and that use as a hotel on the remainder of the Royal site should be considered at a development application stage.

But the department said a hotel was consistent with the vision for the site and strategic plans for the region, its impact on views would be minimal and traffic could be managed.

More than 20 submissions objected to the change, some noting the potential for antisocial behaviour from a bar.

The commission will hold a meeting at City Hall on March 19 at 4pm. To speak, contact the commission.’

*That’s me

**Can wheels be evil?

And Do Not Click this video if you don’t like swearing, but it’s for Mike King and Bob Cook and C*nstable Crick and any arborist employed by NCC. Other than lovely ENSPEC. It has nothing to do with trees. Green gets a mention.



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One Response to “Angry Bird*”

  1. Newcastle.... developer heaven Says:

    The Stronach development of the Royal Newcastle Hospital site looks a lot like Laman Street now except there is beach instead of park……….

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