A Date for your diary


Hamilton Telephone ExchangeLove this building.

Hamilton Telephone Exchange iiHamilton Telephone ExchangeAnd here’s an example of the good, the bad and the ugly. Come and hear a great architect talk about making cities livable and walkable and cyclable.

And hear a well-known representative of Newcastle City Council if you can stand that part of the evening.

I’m looking forward to hear the spin on rail removal. At least second-hand. I can’t see myself in the same room as some of those people. And I’m not talking about Jan Gehl.


From a possibly confused organisation, Newcastle NOW:

When:    Monday 18 March
Time:     5.30pm – 8.30pm
Noah’s on the Beach.


We have secured world-renowned Architect, Jan Gehl, as our main guest speaker. Jan is accredited as the inspiration behind public design in great cities of the world like New York, Melbourne and Copenhagen.

Jan is a Professor of Urban Design and received a DOT’s Commissioner’s Award for exceptional contribution to New York City Streetscape and the Public Realm. His publications include Cities for People, Life Between Buildings, and New Urban Spaces.
He will be supported by:
  • Judy Jaeger – presenting the Newcastle Urban Renewal Strategy
  • Gilbert Rochecouste – presenting Placemaking, and
  • Michelle Daley – presenting Walking & Cycling Transport Options to Promote Healthy Living in Newcastle.  


There’s been a lot of attention directed towards the rail line, but whether it stays or goes, there are many good and important initiatives we can do now.


Come along to be part of the movement driving the CBD forward.



So they can do a background check on you.



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One Response to “A Date for your diary”

  1. clarelhdm Says:

    goodness me…seems a tad hypocritical as they are one of the prime movers behind the rail removal…spin and more spin

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