What a tree vault will get you


This fig is Newcastle City Council’s pride and joy.

I believe it replaced *chortle* a huge tree that was sacrificed to the false god of urban tree removal.

It was planted in a horrendously overpriced, in my view, tree vault that was allegedly used to improve the health of the new tree. The cost, we were told at the Laman Street charade, was $30000.

I presume trying to encourage roots to go down not out had something to do with using a vault as well.

The fig it replaced survived crap soil, insufficient space, presumably compaction and an attempted poisoning in the 1950s.

So here’s what ten years of growth in supposedly ideal conditions will get you.
Not bloody much. Home


Value for money?


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4 Responses to “What a tree vault will get you”

  1. architectgja Says:

    …the stockade fence surrounding it is no doubt to hold back the hordes clamoring to see the wonderment of a tree in a concrete tub.

  2. clarelhdm Says:

    ridiculous waste of resources. Still I guess they actually planted a real tree. Knowing those guys you think they might have just mounted a large picture of one

  3. Newcastle.... developer heaven Says:

    Do we get a choice? i don’t want Bonsai trees!. i want them the way nature made them, thinking for themselves.

  4. JeromeRyan Says:

    the root systems grow down within the soil also above ground and out this is the beauty of these magnificent trees.if you were put in a vault and not cared for would you fail to grow or die. probably. wake up idiots.trees are ment to grow naturally.they seem to have done this before we were here.and fuck you telco bastards and you lying council pricks. thanks for nothing.

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