Fail 20.2.2013


NCC tree managementDidn’t manage to make it to either of two important meetings tonight because I ran late at work: the ‘planning’ department’s tick-the-box attempt at community engagement re the so-called ‘revitalisation’ of Newcastle’s CBD was one and the coal-seam-gas-is-coming-to-a-town-near-you meeting at Medowie was the other.

That’s the fail of the title, missing them and not being able to be in three places at once. Bummer. Don’t know how I ever managed to make it to Council meetings and Save Our Figs meetings when that mattered. Looking forward to hearing from responsible friends how the meetings went.

The news that the O’Farrell government have said there will be no CSG drilling within 2km of residential areas (just after Tony Burke rushed through the approval of the Gloucester CSG development) must have been a cause for relief in Medowie, but You Can’t Trust The Beggars as we all know.

wpid-2013-02-19-13.34.02.jpgIn regard to the rail removal, I would love to know what other city in the world is removing infrastructure that encourages public over private transport. I love that Tim Owen says the majority of people approve the plan to destroy the rail connection to the CBD – who’s he hanging out with? – and that he promises that the rail corridor will stay in public hands *chortle*. Typically unimpressive stuff from the seat-warmer.

Here’s a nice take on the plan that touches a chord with me.

And on a completely different topic – but one where you have more chance of making a difference (after all, what NSW government has ever listened to the Hunter?) – here’s a video telling you how you can contact the Japanese company Ta Ann to give them a verbal finger about your thoughts on their practice of turning high-conservation-value old growth forest in Tasmania into plywood flooring.

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One Response to “Fail 20.2.2013”

  1. JeromeRyan Says:

    I’ve questioned our local bus drivers also our rail staff about this problem. Also question them on what they thought about angled parking between brown and darby Sts. Do you know how much pressure our bus drivers have do deal with already on our roads,let aloan having one lane between the Sts mentioned.Oh this is a good one ,once the rails gone so are jobs.Oh then theirs the promise of another 200 buses u can call me stupid if u wan’t but thats not going to happen ever .Oh yeah and then there’s maitland? Oh don’t worry about MAITLAND they don’t need to come into newcastle do they o’ FWIT.So all in all every topic across the board is a convincing NO.Oh yeah one other thing get rid of goof McCoy and the sheep that he feeds.

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