Tony Burke has a hissy fit



I thought I was reading something written by Newcastle City Council yesterday – you know: petulant, deluded, arrogant, and reeking of cynicism.

No: it was a Federal politician being petulant, deluded, arrogant and cynical.

Someone on twitter asked if the last 24 hours [written yesterday] has been the worst day in the history of environmental management in Australia. Hard to believe it isn’t. Maules Creek, Boggabri, CSG drilling at Gloucester and a coal mine at Dendrobium, which to my shame I’d not heard of, all approved.

And according to the Federal environment minister Maules Creek was apparently the NSW government’s fault, because they out-cynicalled him by releasing an email from before Christmas in which he said he was going to approve Maules Creek; Chris Hartcher couldn’t contain himself apparently when Tony later delayed the anouncement three months.

The optimistic among us were supposed to believe that he was going to spend that three months weighing up new evidence about how crap the offsets were that Whitehaven had chosen – and even that the Environmental protection act might be tightened up to include water.

Of course, the three months were for nothing of the sort. Anyway, the three months are now history.

According to Ben Cubby from the Sydney Morning Herald, the emissions from these approvals will add up to 47 million tonnes a year or 8% of Australia’s total.

Sad day. Home

Leard Forest


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2 Responses to “Tony Burke has a hissy fit”

  1. Terry McCauley Says:

    These approvals are absolutely ludicrous! I hail from Narrabri and this is indeed a very sad day. Thank you Caity for the aerial view but that really adds to my sad feelings for the area!

  2. JeromeRyan Says:

    like lamen st i heard the news this morning. lets still have hope. for this just cause.

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