Moving/Moved On 8.2.2013


wpid-FB_IMG_13578939453445721.jpgOne of the best things about obsessing about spending years at a losing battle is that you let a bunch of other areas of life slide – like looking after the garden.

The happy consequence of Laman Street for me, other than the wonderful people I met and now count as great friends, is that my yard is so wild now that there are frogs living in it. We’ve always had bluetongues, when the dog doesn’t find the poor things, but frogs are new this year.

The picture above is the mango tree at the back of the yard, which flying foxes are enjoying. I heard one of them crash-land into the tree a couple of nights ago; unlike them, of course, since they’re usually so graceful.

The mangoes seem only to grow on the western side of the tree for some reason, which means they’re growing over the neighbour’s garage roof rather than over our garden.

Being pretty relaxed about Stuff, I haven’t gone to buy a tool to pick the mangoes with, so they mostly end up turning into compost (on top of the neighbour’s garage roof) – so thank goodness the flying foxes are enjoying them.

wpid-FB_IMG_13573436980015066.jpgButcher birds and crested doves live in the two hedges-gone-wild on each side of the yard. The hedges are a beach hibiscus  planted before we moved in and they’ve met in the middle after a couple of years of complete neglect. I stand under the canopy and try to see the nests the birds have made but I never can. One of the hibiscus-ish things looked like it had karked it recently, losing all of its leaves, but then months of ignoring it saw it seemingly come back to life.

Birds in Backyards is a lovely website and one of my favourite pages is Top 40 birdsongs where you can hear the calls of – you guessed it – forty Australian birds. Listen to the butcher bird call. Lovely.

While I was looking for crested doves to make sure they were native I found this choice little chatroom. It starts with a question about whether it’s legal to shoot crested doves and goes on to ask about shooting magpies and ravens. What is with these people? What is wrong with shooting at an inanimate target? And cop the description of ‘punkrok6’. ‘Treat your gun like your etc’. Ick. This website is even more unpleasant than Treeworld. From which I am banned. For life.

Although I have to give credit to Treeworld – just looked at them and see that they now insist on members using their real names. Amazing. They’re still scary chainsaw men who are mates with the worst of NCC but congrats nevertheless.

wpid-2013-01-12_15.07.45.jpgYesterday was the anniversary of the last fig’s destruction. Last Sunday we had a picnic in Civic Park and it was lovely to catch up. A kookaburra landed on a branch above us all and it reminded me Fee Mozeley’s and John Sutton’s sad description of the last moments of vandalism in Laman Street.

The Herald came and took a photo of the treehugger brigade. Well – didn’t that article bring out the trolls. Predictable. I recognise a well-known arborist-pretender among the comment-leavers, as well as an ex-councillor. Good on them for keeping the anti-small-g-green fires burning.

Good news: Tony Burke has postponed approving the Maules Creek mine for three months. Watch this space.

Bad news: just in case you thought he might be a good bloke, the same Tony Burke has denied heritage listing to the Tarkine in Tasmania. For ****’s sake. Please vote in the poll under the last article: No: he’s an environment vandal. Home

And to show progress does happen and evil doesn’t always triumph: from facebook.



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