Postcard from Newcastle


Out and about visiting I was driving past Laman Street and thought it was time to send my regards to arborists who did work on the trees for NCC.
This is the shot.



4 Responses to “Postcard from Newcastle”

  1. shepsta Says:

    A big thankyou to all the councillors responsible for this. Big cheerio to our departing GM Phil Pierce, you go and create all this mess and then leave. Yeah thanks, thanks for nothing, YOU BASTARDS!!!

  2. clarelhdm Says:

    looks like a warzone, feels like a rape

  3. elizabeth Says:

    Charming! and two of Newcastle’s uglies buildings revealed. Yuck!! I can barely bring myself to go in there now. it’s foul.

  4. JeromeRyan Says:

    I thought we had a beautiful town. Maybe i was wrong .The cowards ran and still recieved there payout,and left this place so destroyed.This is a crime,period. No questions about it SHAME NEWCASTLE CITY COUNCIL, SHAME.

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