Eff Cordingley finally responded: killed figs 15.1.2013


Broadmeadow figs ii by Sharon HealeyI wrote to Newcastle Council in December 2012 to find out what they were doing about a row of fig trees which appeared to have been killed by incompetence.

I finally received a letter today in reply: over two months. Not bad. Guessing the email cc’ed to me on 10.1.13 from the GM’s office had something to do with the reply coming at all:

Hi Terri,
Has this been responded to through the Customer Request system?
Broadmeadow figs by Sharon Healey“…The trees were inspected in 2008 as part of the initial tree survey for Council’s tree asset management system… The condition of the trees varied, with the majority in fair health.
“An initial investigation took place on 16 October 2012 regarding the unauthorised placement of a large quantity of soil on Bavin Road Broadmeadow. The person responsible was identified. Officers arranged for the removal of the soil* to alleviate the potential flooding impact.
“The figs on the western side of the road were mature and as such were more susceptible to any changes to the soil in their root zone.** The area of road adjacent to the trees on the east side is a compacted road base with sealed surface. The majority of their resources would be derived from the surrounding grassed area to the west. The fill material was located over the root zone and this is likely to have contributed to the decline of the figs.***
2012-12-02 15.18.45(2)“In relation to replanting of figs, I can advise that the design process detailed in Councils [sic] Street Tree Master Plan will be implemented in determining appropriate planting along this section of Bavin Road.****
The initial compliance investigation focussed on fill removal as an outcome. As a result of the impact of the fill material on the trees, options for further enforcement action will now be considered.
“If you require further information, please contact Council’s Compliance Services […blah blah blah] on 4974 2522…

*So do you think Council employees actually removed the fill, because that’s the action that in my view damaged the trees by breaking their root systemt.

**The maturity of the trees and the effect of changes in soil have nothing to do with each other. This is QRAP.

***Snort: the fill was responsible for the damage, not removing it? Yeah right.

****The Street Tree Master Plan probably means we’ll get tucker-**ing-roos or even better pink crepe myrtles. If anything.

Read my lips:

  • the unauthorised fill-depositor should pay to replace the trees.
  • whoever removed the fill damaged the trees.
  • the trees  should be replaced with the same species. Now.



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2 Responses to “Eff Cordingley finally responded: killed figs 15.1.2013”

  1. clarelhdm Says:

    they left out the bit where they unofficially authorised the unauthorised person….jeez

  2. architectgja Says:

    …”NAPALM” – Newcastle Area Parks and Land Management

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