Alert the Philth 10.1.2013


wpid-FB_IMG_13573405378995924.jpgSchool holidays is a great time for a tree tour of Sydney, and where better to start than the eastern suburbs? I saw canopies forming cathedral arches of trees all over the place when I went down there last week.

How alarmed, though, was I to see that Australia’s richest people are apparently risking their lives on a daily basis, walking, sitting and driving under dangerous fig trees.

How do I know these trees in Double Bay (see the photos below) are dangerous? Because they look just the same as the trees (used to look) in Laman Street.*

I thought we really should alert the Philth to get onto this scandal: after all, what on earth are Sydney City Council’s arborists doing? Nothing, it seems. Are they blind? They need to invoke the Roads Act as a matter of urgency, like Lindy** Hyam, former GM of NCC, did – before someone Dies.

I wonder if we should ask Dean Simonsen, formerly of Treelogic, now of Treemap, to do a QTRA assessment on these trees. Remember, he’s the Expert who said the Laman Street trees were more dangerous than downhill skiing.

Or Adrian Swain – of Arboreport – whose QTRA assessments in Laman Street were at least not the ridiculous figures quoted by Treelogic but were still in line with NCC’s view that the trees should be chopped down, in spite of saying at a Public Voice session in 2009 that the way to manage the alleged tree risk was to make garden beds around the bottoms of the trees, and move seating away from them (still unnecessary IMO), making no mention of tree felling. I note the extensive list of clients on Arboreport’s website fails to include Newcastle City Council.

Or perhaps we could ask one of Newcastle’s QTRA-trained intellectual giants to stick their necks out and commit an opinion to paper by doing the assessment themselves.

Anyway – someone ring Sydney City’s Tree Team. Danger could strike at any moment – just ask Newcastle’s municipal arborists.

Anyway – go to Double Bay and take a walk around before some psychopath tries to remove healthy trees.


*I forgot when I was writing this that a comparison of the similarities in appearance between the Double Bay and Laman Street trees wouldn’t sit well with some people.

– i) A visual tree assessment is inadequate as a way of assessing danger, according to some from the cast of thousands from Laman Street. Karen Sweeney, Sydney City’s arborist, not involved in Laman Street except that Australia’s arboricultural community is small and most of them have worked together at some point, said to me in a phone conversation in 2010 that you can’t tell the state of a tree’s roots by looking at the tree itself. Quel [mostly] merde.

ii) And NCC went on about the amount of work done in Laman street that had allegedly damaged the tree roots. Blah, blah, I have no idea about this in Double Bay, blah, blah.

**I always feel so stupid calling her ‘Lindy’. Surely she wasn’t christened that. It’s the name of a gentle, playful, benign child – nothing like the Piece of Work who ran NCC.



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6 Responses to “Alert the Philth 10.1.2013”

  1. ArchitectGJA Says:

    Do the Sydney figs possess the same demonlike quality in their roots as did those of the Laman Street figs? That is, we were told the Laman figs had no roots and thus would fall over and kill people. We were also told the Laman Figs’ roots were destroying all the buildings on Laman Street…

  2. Newcastle.... developer heaven Says:

    Keep it alive!

    The Newcastle crime that is ……….and the Sydney trees!

  3. JeromeRyan Says:

    caity,once again the campaign to save the laman St figs, probably saved the rest of cooks hill, from ongoing vandalism. And the cowards who masterminded this ruthless dessicration of laman St have all ran away.Keep An Eye on Mcloy Because his promises seam to look like the photos on the cages on laman st.Just a fantasy,an imagined or conjured up sequence fulfilling a psychological need . Or possibly a DAYDREAM, or hallucination.

  4. inheritanceorg Says:

    I used to enjoy a stroll through Double Bay. Never again!!! then again, I used to enjoy a stroll around Laman Street too.

  5. Terry McCauley Says:

    ArchitectGJA makes a good point about the demonlike roots of Laman St that has sparked a light bulb moment. Note that NCC is yet to remove the stumps. Is that becasue they are afraid that when they are dug up it will further expose the lies that were the mastermind of the destruction of this beautfiful precinct? Will we see massive once healthy root systems that supported life to these majestic trees?

    We need to watch that space when the time comes.

  6. architectgja Says:

    …watch and photograph that space, Terry.

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