Bye bye trees – Australian Wire Ropeworks

There used to be a Hill's fig here

There used to be a Hill’s fig to the left of this building


You could have knocked me down with a feather as I was driving home from work on Sunday morning when I saw a building in Mayfield I’d never really noticed.

It used to peek out behind a Hill’s fig which once a year used to be ‘pruned’ within an inch of its life but survived.

Not any more. It had its last prune.

Nice and tidy. Not.

Nice and tidy. Not.

A treelopper was hereHope they leave the building aloneThe business is now apparently called Moly-Cop Ropes – and I’m very glad some manufacturing seems to be going on in Newie.

I just think the employees would be cooler and happier looking at and working under some green.



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3 Responses to “Bye bye trees – Australian Wire Ropeworks”

  1. JeromeRyan Says:

    I agree .Caity. But none the less , have a merry christmas and a great new one. Love always. JEROME.See u soon.

  2. inheritanceorg Says:

    Shame about the fig, but hopefully they keep the building, a magnificent art deco utility.

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