Tim making promises


The LNP may please some sheep by announcing they are cutting the rail line at Wickham.

Some people think even a bad decision is to be congratulated.

Timbo says parkland will replace the line. Yeah right. Honeysuckle was going to have green space.

Surprise, surprise- GPT is coming back.

The Herald talks about vistas. Presumably to the service area of the Brewery or the car park of the Crowne Plaza.

Tidy T was interviewed on 2HD. The interviewer said he’d received lots of questions from listeners but decided not to ask them.

Wouldn’t want to make Tim uncomfortable.


3 Responses to “Tim making promises”

  1. JeromeRyan Says:

    Debt BARRY O WANKER=disaster get ready newcastle.They certainly know how to bastardize the words MERRY CHRISTMAS.Any way have a good one. God bless.J.R.

  2. Clare Says:

    what a shocker

  3. Newcastle.... developer heaven Says:

    Parkland or open space, ha! what gullible citizen of this town would believe that, while the developers hang like vultures making their moves to steal yet another piece of public land to fill up with development or a car park.

    Remember beautiful Laman Street chainsawed to the ground for grandiose development plans & currently a car park servicing the art gallery and Library, the magnificent historic post office left to rot because ya can’t make a quick buck out of it, the plan of public open space for the foreshore that is now a car park searing in the sun, and on and on it goes….

    A very valuable piece of land that is home to the Newcastle train station has the vultures circling overhead. What’s new!

    People used to RENOVATE, now it’s all about DEVELOPMENT!

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