Karma’s a bitch


Lucky Council cleared the street to make way for the gallery development that has a projected cost 50% higher than expected.

Oh – and the architects have resigned.

Tim Owen has a little whine in the story too. And I thought he never did anything.



4 Responses to “Karma’s a bitch”

  1. architectgja Says:

    From the article [Tim Owen quoted]:

    ‘‘When you build a house you don’t borrow money before you know what it’s actually going to cost you.’’…

    …and you don’t destroy a treasured asset to make way for a future pipe dream that you can’t afford to materialise.

  2. Clare Says:

    well the silk purse is down the drain and we’re left with the sow’s ear (which actually looked pretty nice before the figs were destroyed).

  3. JeromeRyan Says:

    Let us never forget! …. BARRY O’FARRELL had the hide to open an invitation only gallery.Where is the money now? Don’t treat me like an uneducated ass! I could see this coming a mile away. Didn’t you? Our council, the cowards, dug themselves into a hole that they couldn’t get out of! So they took the money and ran. Now Jeff: Sort this mess out with your mate ROBBO.Nice Team.Revitalisation: Ha. You haven’t even fixed a derelict pub on the corner of Hunter St. I think you couldn’t organize a picnic in LAMAN St. Oh do we have a LAMAN St ? ….. Hmmm mmm.Food for thought really. Do we still really have an art gallery? I think you’re a dud. And only care about yourself and not the people.We saw that from the last council.You can’t do jack .

  4. Eilish Says:

    I see Timid Tim was a useless experiment. Despite being now a swinging seat, Newcastle is going nowhere under his stewardship. And now we have the dollar-eyed McCloy to content with. And what’s with taking the monorail that Sydney doesn’t want? Yeah…that’s a good idea. These guys are full of it. And I think you know what they are full of. I’ll be polite and say themselves.

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