Killed figs 3.12.2012


wpid-2012-12-02-15.18.14.jpg This is on the entrance road to the rescue helicopter.

Half a dozen dead figs.

The work right next to them seems to consist of a shallow trench dug apparently to make a mound.

Do you think the fact that the trench is too close to the trees’ root zone has anything to do with their demise?

NCC has a manual explaining how close it’s safe to dig near a tree. This is a good example of how close is too close.

I wonder if that education comes up in inductions for employees and contractors.

I said to  a friend that it was presumably accidental and he said ‘Accidental on purpose’. The cynic.

A conservative estimate of the value of these trees would be, in my view, $5000 each.

Shame. Shameful.




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